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Idol Lash Review

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I have always dreamed about getting longer eyelashes, but I didn’t know how or what to do. I want thicker eyelashes because they will make me look gorgeous. There are so many products in the market that promises thicker eyelashes in just days, but which one do I trust? There are so much scams going around so I decided that I wanted to do a thorough research on what is the best product to get thicker eyelashes.

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One product that stood out the most is a product called Idol Lash. Why? Because this is the only eyelash product that I found to offer me a free trial. I thought to myself, “The best way to find out if a product works is to try it out myself!” The second thing that I like most about this product is there are no side effects. I found so many eyelash thickening products in forums that have people complaining about how they have allergic reactions, but I didn’t see any when they were discussing about Idol Lash. According to what I found in forums, many people have experienced results in just three weeks. People are raving about this product because it uses 100% natural ingredients and provide fast results. Best of all, this product has been highly recommended by lots of internationally well-known beauty experts.

When you try this product out, make sure you follow the directions completely. Do not skip any steps as this might hinder results. Do not panic because the directions are very easy to follow. Just be careful not to get any fluids into your eyes. If it happens, then you can simply rinse thoroughly. Idol Lash had done plenty of clinical studies to show that this product is very safe and effective. They have NIR imaging to show proof that there is significant growth of eyelashes within just weeks.

On Idol Lash’s website, you can see the list of ingredients that they use to make the product. They are all 100% natural, and this is what I like about their product because they are transparent about what they use to make them.

Here are my results in three weeks:
– My eyelashes became longer, thicker, and darker
– Results were very noticeable as lots of friends have been asking me about them
– I had no weird side effects or any type of allergic reaction
– I am very happy with the results and I have recommended Idol Lash to my friends

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