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Dermasis Review

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If you are suffering from psoriasis right now, then you know how many problems it can cause. I used to suffer from it for several years. Psoriasis symptoms that I experienced were pain, itch, and scabs. Out of all three, I felt that the itch was dominant. Not only were those the problem, but I had lots of psoriasis sores all over my body so it was embarrassing when people stare at me. I have tried many products in the past – both over-the-counter and prescription drugs that doctors recommended. I was disappointed to find out that none of the products treated my problem. Some helped temporarily, but after I stopped using them, the problem would reoccur.

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In less than five years, I must have spent over a thousand dollars to seek for the next best psoriasis treatment. Every new product seemed to promise results. They would state that you will see results fast and you will experience no side effects. How could they get away with so much lie? I was left with much more severe problem than before I started using the products.

One day, I decided to look online for help. I figured that I am not the only one on earth that has psoriasis so I found a forum that is specifically for people who have psoriasis. I found out that the site has been around for over seven years so I didn’t think they would lie about what they recommend for psoriasis treatment. The one product that they highly recommend is called Dermasis, and one of the threads on the forum was a product review of Dermasis. I like to read genuine reviews of consumers who have actually used the product in the past. If I went straight to Dermasis’ website, then I would get nothing but positive testimonials, which most likely are fake since most companies fake their testimonials. However, the reviews on the forum were all genuine as these are members that have been there for years. If they do not like a product, then they would say that they do not like the product. I saw nothing but highly recommended, positive feedback on Dermasis as the number one product on psoriasis treatment.

The main ingredients of Dermasis are the following:

Palm Oil – this helps to form a protective layer on your skin.
Vitamin E Acetate – an antioxidant that helps the outer layer of the skin, and defends your skin from ultra violet damage.
Tea Tree Oil – this is used to promote healthy skin.

Why choose Dermasis? This product helps to get rid of dead skin cells on your body fast at a faster rate compared to all the other brands for psoriasis. Best of all, the ingredients are 100% natural unlike most brands out in the market.

The company that makes Dermasis is called Revitol. I wish I knew about their products earlier because I was finally treated with no reoccurring problems after using it. This is the first psoriasis treatment product that I have used with a 90-day money-back guarantee. That kind of guarantee is almost unheard of!

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